New At North: Cécile Crozat-Zawisza

Posted: November 7, 2022

Cécile Crozat-Zawisza, French

Born in a small village in the southern part of France called Tarbes, Cécile Crozat-Zawizsa, the new French teacher at M.A., has been living in the United States for just over 15 years.

Crozat-Zawisza is a very well-rounded person. In the past, she learned to speak Spanish, went to a music school for singers and was in a symphonic chorus.

She continued to pursue her passion in music and continues to sing today. She was scheduled to perform in the chorus for the Minnesota Opera’s production of Edward Tulane, Oct. 8 to 16, at the Ordway Music Theater in St. Paul.

Besides teaching and singing, some of her other hobbies are baking, painting and traveling. Crozat-Zawizsa has lived in multiple countries throughout her life.

She met her husband, Philip Zawisza, an opera singer, in Spain, and a few years later they moved to Austria for four years.

She remembers waking up early in the morning to learn German. “My head was exploding,” she remarked.

Soon they would move again. “Then we came back to France, where we lived for five years, and with my husband, we had a daughter.”

Five years later her husband got a job offer to teach voice and diction at the University of Minnesota, and now she has landed in Minneapolis working at the Upper School.

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