Short Takes: November Election

Go Out and Vote

34 seats in the US senate, all eight of the Minnesota seats in the house of representatives, Minnesota Governor, and Minnesota secretary of state are all on the ballot this november. This election, more than most, has been made pressingly important by the supreme court overturning of Roe V Wade on June 24, 2022. Here in Minnesota the republican candidate for governor has announced plans to ban abortion here in Minnesota and both parties seemed poised to codify abortion as either legal or illegal on a federal level. In addition, the republican candidate for governor has also announced he wants to get rid of the Minnesota income tax which would be a massive change in the state’s financing. The federal government is also trying to deal with inflation and other economic problems.

No matter political affiliation or opinion the election coming on November 8th matters. Students who are over 18 should vote. Students under 18 should be aware of the current state of the nation.


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