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Lorde captivates at the Armory

As “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles ended, the bright lights of The Armory clicked off. The crowd erupted in a roar, and there she was. Lorde. Without saying a word, she started off her setlist with the 2021 release “Leader of a New Regime”. The peaceful song set the tone for a serene concert.

Every so often though, Lorde chose a classic from her 2017 album Melodrama or her 2013 album, Pure Heroine. The concert had a perfect mix of old and new. It was simultaneously nostalgic and hopeful. The entire concert was really beautiful, there’s no other way to describe it. When Lorde was interacting with the crowd, she was genuine and kind. My personal favorite songs were “Stoned at the Nail Salon”, “Ribs”, “Perfect Places”, and “Green Light”. Each of them connected to important moments in my life, and no doubt, the crowd’s lives as well. I witnessed many tears for some of the songs. 


Lorde’s opener, Remi Wolf, blended perfectly with the sunny theme of the tour. Her enthusiasm brought warmth to the crowd–most of which waited outside of the venue for upwards of two hours. Wolf’s “Disco Man” has been on repeat in my minivan. 


Overall, the Lorde concert was a night to remember. It was truly “Solar Power-ful”.


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