Zimmer shifts to Upper School

Sacred Studies department adds familiar presence to high-school classrooms

Brian Zimmer, the new ninth and tenth grade Bible teacher, is in it for the long haul.

“I’m planning on being here for a long time,” said Zimmer, who has just started his first year of teaching at the high school, after being a part of the staff at the middle school for the past four years. 

Zimmer said that former principal Jason Wenschlag encouraged him to apply for a counseling job at the middle school. He was then hired as a learning specialist, and as of last year, a Bible teacher. Zimmer considers Bible the perfect class to teach, giving him the ability to share his wisdom with many students. 

“Zimmer will forever be the teacher who influenced me most,” said freshman B. Sahlstrom. “He has shown and continues to show me how to walk through life being my best.” 

In his future, Zimmer said he can see himself getting more involved in the other things the community has to offer. He has interest in potentially coaching or mentoring, but he said his main interest remains teaching and spreading the word of God.

“I’m here, I love it.” Zimmer said. 

While his journey may just be beginning, Zimmer’s students say he has already made a big impact within the community here at Minnehaha Academy.


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