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“An outstanding performance”

Cast of spring musical receives 19 honors for student-led production of Junie B. Jones the Musical

The Minnehaha Academy Players held its first student directed winter musical, Junie B. Jones the Musical, this February.

The production, directed by senior Zac Anderson, debuted on February 19 and 20.

To accommodate COVID-19 regulations, all actors wore custom made filtered masks throughout the entire performance, air purifiers were placed backstage to filter out any potential virus particles and attendees were limited, among other adjustments.

The show completely sold out more than two weeks prior to opening night.

After a successful production, Spotlight Education of the Hennepin Theatre Trust released their 2020-2021 Honors Announcements.

Spotlight Education recognized the Minnehaha Academy Players’ Junie B. Jones the Musical with 19 honors.

The honors are as follows…

Individual Honors

Outstanding Performance in a leading Role: Ava Knight as Junie B. Jones

Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role: Tollef Currell as Daddy

Honorable Mention in a Supporting Role: Solomon O’bert as Sheldon Potts • Kaari Classen as Mother/Gladys Gutzman

Outstanding in Technical Leadership: Zac Anderson as Director • Owen Hagedorn as Sound Designer

Honorable Mention in Technical Leadership: Tessa Bianchi as Choreographer

Evaluator Shout-Out: Evan Paton • Sofia Howland • Kayla Riddley

Group Honors

Achievement in Musical Theatre: Honorable Mention

Overall Production: Honorable Mention

Overall Performance: Outstanding

Ensemble Performance: Outstanding

Acting Performance: Honorable Mention

Costume Crew: Honorable Mention

Run Crew: Honorable Mention

Overall Technical Team: Outstanding

Light & Sound Crew: Outstanding


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