Keeping fall sports in play during a pandemic

Posted: November 9, 2020

Changes made by Minnehaha to keep fall sports up and running

There are many changes that have been put in place to keep the current fall sports in play.

Rules were made by Minnehaha Academy to keep home players and spectators healthy.

“We did a good job of not allowing spectators inside our fences,” said Minnehaha athletic director Josh Thurow. “For almost every game we temp-scanned our own team, our opponents, and our officials. And even our clock keepers and trainers.”

In addition to the protocols made by Minnehaha, the Minnesota State High School League enforced rules which affected game time and game play to further prioritize the safety and health of players.

“Their enforcement was shortening the seasons, lessening the amount of contest you were allowed to have,” said Thurow. “They decided to not allow for state play. We pushed for all eight section champions to get one more super regional game, or something along those lines, and that was not allowed.”

The guidelines put in place by Minnehaha and the Minnesota State High School League have continued to ensure the safety of players and spectators during the season.

“I wouldn’t say that we’ve been perfect,” said Thurow. “But I think we’ve tried very hard to do as well as we can. And the results have been positive.”

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