Coronavirus: Staff editorial

For seniors, spring brings lessons you can’t learn in a classroom

It is safe to say that the senior class of 2020 has had one of the most unpredictable high school careers in all of Minnehaha history.

After our freshman year at the old North Campus building, the August 2, 2017, gas explosion forced us to move to Mendota Heights for our sophomore and junior years.

We were set to be the first class to graduate from the new North Campus, but before we knew it our second semester was taken from us by the coronavirus.

During a time like this, finding opportunities to go outside and exercise is crucial to stay calm and healthy. Although online school isn’t ideal, it allows us to take up new hobbies and spend more time with family.

Senior events like decision day, graduation and prom won’t be the same. Although they will still hap- pen, the virtual alternative won’t have the same effect as an in-per- son event.

However, all of the abnormal events that occurred will undoubtedly be memorable times, maybe even more so than the hustle and bustle of a normal school year.

Although the last four years of high school were filled with turmoil and a multitude of reasons to com-

plain about our situation, our focus should be on the lessons learned along the way.

These experiences have really emphasized how important it is to appreciate the little things that happen every day and to savor the time with friends.

There is no amount of planning that can be done to shape the future. Sometimes, rolling with the punches is the best course of action, and that’s fine. Throughout the last four years, the senior class

has learned how to adapt to any situation thrown our way.

Three different buildings and a lot of uncertainty has forced us to make do with whatever we were given, which gave us opportunities to grow as individuals.

This edition of the staff editorial was written by Michael DiNardo with input from Dylan Kiratli, Annika Johnson, Jake McCabe and Luke Von Arx, all members of Minnehaha Academy’s Class of 2020.


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