One on one with Chet Holmgren

Talon sports editor Jake McCabe spoke with junior Chet Holmgren recently about playing basketball with his friends, a summer filled with camps and tournaments, and a new school year filled with visits from college recruiters.

What was your favorite memory from the AAU season?
My favorite memory would probably be stepping on the court for the last time with some of the guys that I have played with since seventh grade. Guys like Jalen Suggs, Kaden Johnson, Cole Ewald, Langston Bins, and more. It was a great experience even though the last game ended up being a loss; it was still a lot of fun.

What camp/event this summer was best for improving your game?
The camp that was best for improving my game would probably be the NBPA Top 100 camp at the University of Virginia. It was my first opportunity to prove myself against the best players from all of the best circuits like the Adidas Gauntlet, Under Armour Association, and the Nike EYBL (elite youth basketball league).

Which camp/event this summer was most enjoyable?The most enjoyable camp was probably the Steph Curry camp because it wasn’t too hard on the body and it wasn’t too much time in the gym. It wasn’t as serious as some of the other camps.

What was it like playing against Steph Curry?
It was a special experience playing against Steph. Not a lot of people get to do it, and I didn’t take the experience for granted. It was a great learning experience, and it was a lot of fun.

Who is the most famous person that has reached out to you on social media?
It would probably have to be Dwyane Wade (NBA star) or Kevin Gates (rapper). Dwyane Wade tweeted about me and gave me a few compliments, which was very nice of him. Kevin Gates reposted a video of my highlights with one of his songs in it.

What’s been good about all of the recent attention, and what has been bad?
A lot of things have really been good. It has really helped build my brand and has gotten me a lot of exposure. It brings attention to the right things like Minnehaha, our basketball team and my teammates as well. The bad is that sometimes the attention can get overwhelming and annoying at times and sometimes I just want to be mellow, but I can’t because there are always eyes on me or a camera or something. When I get the bad attention and people are trying to criticize me on social media, I know that it’s always best to ignore it and not to pay attention to it, because all they are trying to do is provoke me and make me slip up, so they can use it to get clout or whatever they think they might gain from it.

Where do you stand in the recruiting process?
Right now my recruitment is wide open, and I haven’t cut any schools. I have taken two official visits to Ohio State and Gonzaga. I still have to figure out my next three for this year.

What will change after you sign?
I haven’t thought about that at all. I won’t sign until next winter most likely. So I don’t really have to think about that until the time comes. Right now, I’m just focused on making the right decision and developing into my full potential.

What are you most excited about for this upcoming high school season?
I’m excited to step out on the court again with the guys. I miss playing with the guys, and it will be fun this season to get out and compete with them again. It will especially be fun to play against Sierra Canyon [see story below], which will be a great game and a great environment.


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