U.S. Open Preview

Posted: May 22, 2019

Course Preview

The 2019 United States Open, which starts June 13, will be held at Pebble Beach for the sixth time in the history of the course, the last time being in 2010 when Graeme McDowell won. The course is right on the ocean and has some of the best views in the world. Every shot hit will be tough, and there are small greens that are hard to putt on, so they’ll need to put themselves in spots that make the greens easier to play. The signature hole is the par-three 7th ,which is actually one of the shortest holes in all of professional golf, but if they miss they’re probably in the ocean.

Why to watch?

Most people think they don’t like watching golf, but that’s because they’ve never really watched it because it’s known as a boring sport. BUT the beauty of watching golf is you’re always watching a shot; they’re constantly changing who they’re showing, so there’s no down time. You know what sports do have downtime? Baseball, football, basketball and more. This is a good time to start watching golf, because the U.S. open is one of the biggest tournaments in the world. Just try it, you may be surprised. Also, you have me telling you who’s going to win, and who knows, maybe you make some money off your friends from my picks.

Rory McIlory
My favorite
I love Rory this week simply because he hasn’t won a major in a long time (2014 British Open) and he’s ready to come out guns blazing and break out once again.
When he gets hot he has more confidence than anyone else playing in the world, and when you’re playing a course like Pebble Beach where the winner will most likely be only a couple under, if that, you need to be confident with everything in your game.

Rickie Fowler
Honorble mention favorite
All of Rickie Fowler’s friends (other people on the PGA tour) say that it’s just a matter of time before Rickie Fowler wins a major. His game is so steady that he shouldn’t have too much trouble with a really hard course like Pebble Beach.
He’s been in the hunt in every big tournament in the last couple years, so I really believe that he will come through at some point. The last two masters he’s been top ten and the 2018 PGA Championship finished tied for fifth, so he’s been there he just hasn’t finished yet.
I would compare Rickie Fowler to eggs in a breakfast. He’s always there and he’s always pretty good, but there is always something just a little bit better, like bacon or hash browns.

Matt Kuchar

Sleeper pick
Another person who feels like he’s been in the hunt in every big tournament lately. Kuchar hasn’t done that much this year but he’s never won a major and he’s too good of a player to never win a major. He is getting old but I truly think this is the year Kuchar breaks out of his shell and wins this huge tournament.
The key for him is to make birdies; he rarely makes high scores but sometimes doesn’t have the firepower to get really low. You could say he’s like a Prius: he’s dependable and always there but he’s not going 0 to 60 anytime soon.
He’s already won twice this year and has six top tens this year so he’s in great form. It’s just a matter of if he can turn it on at the right time.

Aaron Wise
Deep Sleeper
There’s zero chance any of you have heard of Wise, but he’s been in the hunt lately and I love him to make a name for himself in this tournament.
He was the college national champion only a couple years ago, so he doesn’t get too nervous under the big pressure.
I don’t think he’ll win, but don’t be surprised if he’s in the hunt going into the weekend or even on Sunday.


I think Tiger may have a disappointing week. He got his major win so I think he may be on cruise control for a couple months now. I think he’ll make the cut but wont have a chance to win. But it is Tiger and Tiger does what he wants when he wants, so never count him out.


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