Minnehaha Academy football and basketball athletes with D1 offers

Posted: May 22, 2019

D1 offers graphic:



M.A. athletes look for next good fit.

Talon sports editor Jake McCabe spoke with three Minnehaha juniors about their experiences with the athletic recruiting process.

Jalen Suggs
What has been your favorite part about the recruiting process thus far?
“Just talking and building relationships with coaches, getting to see all of the famous coaches that I’ve watched play in the league and have seen coaching on the sideline my whole life. Also, being able to meet a lot of other players that I’ve connected with through recruiting events and camps and become close friends with them has been awesome, too. It’s been a really cool experience.”
Craig McDonald
What made you decide to commit to playing football at Iowa State?
“I decided to commit to Iowa State because of the relationship I had with their coaching staff. I also chose Iowa State because it’s close to home so my family can watch me play and I will have an opportunity to play early and make an impact.”
You were the first to commit, why so early?
“I committed early because I felt at home whenever I visited and didn’t feel the need to survey other options because Iowa State felt like the right place for me.”
Kaden Johnson
During the recruiting process what have you been looking for in a school?
“During the recruiting process I’ve been looking for a school that is serious about their academics and a school that I will fit into their system schematically. I also want the opportunity to play right away and compete for a starting spot.”



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