Gentlemen’s guide to Prom

Posted: April 15, 2019

Full disclosure, I don’t even know if I’m going to go to Prom and I’ve never been to Prom because I’m a junior, but let’s not act like I don’t know what I’m talking about.
ASK HER!!!!!!
Let’s set the tone, If you have a girl that you like that maybe you don’t talk to or maybe she doesn’t know you like her, ask her to go with you. What’s the worst that could happen? She says no, and you walk away a little sad. But what if she says “Yes-“? Then you just pulled off the greatest move of your lifetime without anything going wrong. Also, if you’re asking someone, it’s got to be a sign and some sort of play on words with their name or maybe a sport they play, but there’s definitely a better chance she says yes if you show that you put in the effort to show that you like her.
You gotta look good, period!
To start, you have to be looking fresh. If you’re not coming in a suit you should be going at all. Why is a necessity to look good??? To start, you don’t want to be underdressed when you’re with the girl you’re going with. One key tip: When it comes to fashion never trust your parents. I’m sure your parents know a lot and are very smart people, but times have changed and they probably don’t know. Also everyone takes pictures and if you’re not looking fresh for the pictures your friends will always have those and your friends will never let you forget about it. There is something to be said for wearing something absolutly crazy, like a oragne suit, or even a baby blue suit. If you come out in something like that you are the star od the party. Imagining coming out in something like this,
you are automatically the alpha at the party.
Where are you going to eat?
Next up you guys got to get some food. This is key, if you are looking to maybe date the person in the future or you’re already dating at the time, maybe it’s a good idea to go somewhere a little more fancy. If you’re just going as friends or are in a big group, then you don’t need to be in such a nice place and you can be at more ease about where you eat. But have manners, don’t think its just like every other meal you’re eating because there is only two proms that you can go to and for most people they don’t eat with girls on the daily, so take advantage of what you have. One last thing, there should be no one on prom night inside of a McDonalds, Burger King or anything close to these restraunts because its just not one of those nights where you end up in a place like this.
 After I wrote this part I was told by a senior that food is provided, but I would still show you like her and drop some money on a meal pre dance. It can’t hurt.
Be yourself
In between going from all these places you’ll be driving a lot and if it’s just you and the girl you’re going with make sure you have a conversation and don’t just sit there staring out the window. One last big thing is the dancing. Everyone can dance, it doesn’t matter how bad at dancing you are. When everyone’s dancing in a group no one is paying attention to  you so just do your thang, feel comfortable and don’t worry about what other people think. And if you’re good at dancing, make it happen and make everyone around you feel good, hype up the bad dancers to get them going. All I know is when no one is dancing and no one is having fun everyone won’t have fun and it just won’t be a good time at all.

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