Talon picks what to watch during Christmas, for the people

Posted: December 14, 2018

All of the Talon members gave me their favorite Christmas movie. I had to rank them so you know who is telling the truth and who is a liar.

Annika Johnson: Elf

Dylan Kiratli: Home Alone

Michael DiNardo: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Jake McCabe: Polar Express

Patrick Cullinan: A Wonderful Life

Home Alone: Usually I wouldn’t trust Dylan with a lot of things, but he did get this one spot on. Home Alone, to me, is the best Christmas movie hands down. I love how a little kid puts two grown men in a blender of horrible things happening to them. The whole movie is clever in how the little kid hurts the older burglars. My favorite part is when the burglars step on the legos he put down because it doesn’t look that painful but if you’ve ever stepped on a lego on your bare foot before, you know the pain this causes.

Elf: Overall a very good movie, and I don’t think anyone will disagree with the fact that Elf is a great movie. The Main Character, Buddy(Will Ferrell), does an amazing job acting like a four year old as an old man. So many great moments in this movie but my favorite is when Buddy puts syrup on spaghetti. The whole scene just makes me laugh.

Polar Express: A very solid movie, but not a great movie in my opinion. I’ll always remember watching this movie as a little kid and thinking it’s the best movie in the world. Jake did well on this pick but once again I wouldn’t trust him very much, I mean just look at his favorite Christmas songs.

Grinch: I love this movie and have probably seen this movie more than any other movie ever. To me it’s the movie that has to be watched every year around Christmas time. One big problem I have is it’s just a little too childish for me. I know I said the same things for Polar Express but in the Grinch I feel like the story doesn’t mean as much in the Grinch. Although Michael did okay with his pick he is usually, trustworthy.

It’s A Wonderful Life:  Full disclosure, I’ve never seen this movie. The only thing I know about this movie is that it’s black and white. Anybody preferring a black and white movie over a color movie is just wrong, I simply can’t support a movie that is black and white. Also knowing Patrick this is probably a pretty meaningful story, but probably not the most interesting movie.

Anybody wanting to argue about what the best Christmas movies are can come talk to me Luke Von Arx, the most trustworthy person on the planet.

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