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Lucky 13 Pub

Lucky 13 Pub is in the small city of Mendota, very close to the Mendota Campus. The exact location is 1352 Sibley Memorial Hwy, Mendota. Here I had the chicken tenders($11.49) with some fries.

Everything except one thing I had here was amazing. The one thing was the fries though so of course their score won’t be very high. They were not crispy at all, and they were too big to be fries. Very disappointing because the atmosphere here was absolutely electric. Music in the background, extremely nice waiters and really good food. If they had good fries this could have been a great score but of course nobody’s perfect.
Rating: 6.2

Burgers and Bottles

Burgers and Bottle is just minutes away from school and is actually a very cool place to eat. The Address is 1278 Lone Oak Road, St. Paul. They have hundreds of bottles that all came from different drinks which look very intriguing. 

You would think if a food critic went to a restaurant that has burgers in the name, he would get a burger. To protest this assumption, I got more chicken tenders and fries. ($12.00)
The food here was very average. The fries were an absolute mess. I truly had no idea what was going on. They were soggy, oily and just a terrible flavor. The chicken was amazing which averaged the fries out somewhat, but it’s extremely hard to even it out all the way with those fries. The service was great, everyone was nice, and the bottles on the wall really got me intrigued, so I had to add a little for the experience.
Rating: 4.7

Starks Bar and Grill

This is actually a country dancing bar, that’s not too far away from Mendota campus. 3125 Dodd Road, Eagan is the address of Stark’s Bar and Grill probably wouldn’t recommend it to high school students but, if you like country dancing you might have a good time here. The opposite of the Twin Cities grill, not a great place for an anniversary date. Here I got chicken tender platter.($13.00)

 I think basically everyone who goes to Minnehaha wouldn’t have the best time here. If you don’t like country music and food this is definitely not the place for you, and something tells me who don’t have a ton of country dancers in our school. The service was really bad, my waiter was crabby and just unhelpful in general. Many deductions of points, the dancing is a giant deduction, the terrible service, deduction and I haven’t even gotten to the food yet. The chicken was the only reason their score is this high. The chef must have forgotten some salt on my fries because they were completely flavorless and absolutely terrible. If I wouldn’t have got the chicken this might have been one of the worst places I’ve ever been too.
Rating: 2.2

5-8 Club

At the 5-8 Club I had their classic, which is their Juicy Lucy($9.99). If you don’t know what a Juicy Lucy is, it is a burger that has cheese in the center of the burger. The Juicy Lucy is what the 5-8 club is known for so I had to try it out. Also of course I had to try out their fries. The 5-8 Clubs location is 5800 Cedar Ave South Minneapolis, a short ten minute drive from Mendota.

 I believe that this food would have been better if it came out hot. I was waiting for a long time and it was also very crowded which really hurt how fast the food came out which made it cold. I still really liked the fries; they were very small and crispy which to me is the best type of fry. For me it’s a lot about the food, but it’s also about how it was when I was eating there, and I have to say it was terrible. Overall the fries were good but I couldn’t get over the food not being that hot and just poor service.
Rating: 4.6

Twin Cities Grill

The Twin Cities Grill is more of a high end bar that you could be a nice place to go for maybe a business meeting or somewhere you go to just get some food and have a good time. 

For all the guys out there who need  a nice little place for maybe an anniversary or a birthday, the Twin Cities Grill is for you. 

It’s on the bottom floor of The Mall of America which is actually not too far away from the Mendota Heights campus. Here I had their ribs ($17.95) and of course had to check out their fries.

Overall this place was very good. The ribs were flawless, and the fries were some of the best fries I’ve ever had. The fries were small and crispy just how I like them. The fries actually looked like they could have been the kids fries but I couldn’t care less they were fabulous. The only I thing I didn’t like was there were a lot of people and I didn’t have my personal space to eat which is crucial for me, but the food was still perfect.
Rating: 8.8


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