New faces – Tána Mesíková

Junior Slovakian student, Tána Mesíková, is adjusting and is grateful of the new community and experience of learning here at Minnehaha Academy.

“I like the community of people because everyone is so nice and welcoming and willing to help you,” said Mesíková.

Mesíková was chosen for the scholarship program at her school, C.S. Lewis Bilingual High School in Bratislava, Slovakia. She traveled to the United States on August 17th, 2017, to begin her adventures and semester at Minnehaha Academy.

After acceptance into the scholarship program, Mesíková had the responsibility and help of Minnehaha to find a host family. A family graciously offered to open their home and welcomed in Mesíková while she has been in the United States.

Along with the change of school and way of living, Mesíková has also had the opportunity to play volleyball through the Minnehaha Academy sports program which she has made new friendships and has made a positive impact on her volleyball team.

Mesíková’s volleyball coach, Abe Quiring, said “She energizes the whole team and is confident too.”


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