Never too late to learn: Gabe Satoskar

By Sierra Takushi

As a junior, Sierra is a staff writer and photos/graphics editor for The Talon. She has a quirky fascination with slam and spoken word poetry and finds straight angle shapes (like squares) visually pleasing. Sierra enjoys exploring different types of writing and literature and likes to post her photography frequently on Instagram.

Posted: May 24, 2017

A climbing engineer

Decelerating over the Nicollet Avenue Bridge, senior Gabe Satoskar makes an acute turn onto De La Salle Drive and drives directly into his concentrated neighborhood on Nicollet Island.

Passing Minneapolis’ iconic Grain Belt Beer sign on his left, Gabe pulls into his narrow alleyway and parks his beloved Mk7 Golf R car in a tiny garage.

Gabe makes his way up the carpeted staircase and past a cage of squawking birds.

He pushes through a trap door and emerges into a glass room on his rooftop.

Here, Gabe spreads out his homework: AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP Computer Science.

He finishes his load of work while overlooking an unobstructed view of the Minneapolis skyline.

Gabe shares his Nicollet Island condo with his mother, Stephanie, who enjoys the earthy and Bohemian-like aesthetic of interior plants and beaded picture frames.

To some of his classmates, Gabe may be known as a soft-spoken student who meticulously scribbles out his notes in a quiet portion of the classroom.

He holds a stable demeanor and keeps a consistent focus when learning.

Some may know that Gabe has an aptitude for engineering and computer science; he was a leading member in the software unit of the International Space Station team last spring. While others may be aware that he is a three sport athlete and captain.

However, there are numerous factoids about Gabe that most of his classmates do not know.

For example, Gabe frequently uses his skateboard to travel around downtown Minneapolis.

He bought himself a lock-picking set three years ago and has used it on multiple (legal) occasions.
Gabe began rock climbing when he was nine years old.

It all started in the well-lit indoor climbing gym, Vertical Endeavors in St. Paul, a few years before the Minneapolis location opened.

Gabe returned year after year, craving to climb.

By the winter of his freshman year, Gabe was asked by an employee if he would consider trying out for Vertical Endeavor’s climbing team. He did, and competed with the team until that summer, when he quit to focus on running for the cross country team.

“My main incentive to climb is for the thrill factor,” Gabe said, “and for the sense of accomplishment after sending a route. [There is] nothing scarier than shaking profusely as you try to make a clip 70 feet up.”

Yet, Gabe holds a high threshold for things that qualify for “scary.”

After all, he is more than the soft-speaking classmate scribbling notes; he is a speed-seeking, thrill-motivated young man who loves earth-shatteringly loud music and tear-jerkingly high rock climbing.

Gabe plans to attend University of Wisconsin- Madison next year, and is intending on majoring in engineering.

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