Juniors Seth Retzlaff and Lily Kline perform in junior Greta Hallberg's skit called "Stars."

Lights, camera, action!

On Saturday Jan. 28, students, family and faculty gathered together to observe the hard work and talent of Minnehaha actors, directors and writers.

This year, the Student Showcase program, which is an opportunity for students from any grade to write, direct or act in a skit or film, was made up of about six shows, including a video by junior Tea McLawhorn called “Redhawkland.”

“It’s a bunch of students getting to write, display and show off the talents they have,” said student producer for the showcase, senior Kiersten Ziegler.

At the start of January, students had the opportunity to write a script, become the director for a skit or film or be cast as an actor for Student Showcase.

This process requires a lot of communication, something that Ziegler had to help stimulate.

“Communication would probably be one of the things that is more difficult, because you have to make sure that you are openly communicating with actors and the directors and that [you are] making sure that you are communicating with everybody about the things that are needed,” she said.

Having worked as student producer for the 2016 Student Showcase as well, Ziegler commented on the feeling after showcase is completed successfully.

“After everything was done, when I was the producer last year, I just felt the feeling of ‘Wow, this is really cool,’” said Ziegler, smiling.

“It was really awesome to see everything come together and see how successfully students were able to show off the text that they chose to write, direct and make films for.”


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