Minnehaha’s election results..and the senior class impact

Today marks not only the country’s 2016 election, but also the results of Minnehaha’s own school wide election.

As seen in the chart below, democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won with a landslide, with 168 votes out of 326. Republican candidate Donald Trump received 67 out of 326 votes.

When looking at genders, 70 percent of girls school wide voted for Hillary Clinton, and 11 percent voted for Donald Trump. 47 percent of boys voted for Hillary Clinton, and 28 percent voted for Donald Trump.




America’s election

In the senior class, 25 percent of the grade is eligible to vote, which encompasses 6 percent of the student body. In today’s election, 100 percent of seniors eligible voted.

Election day specials

The Talon podcast posted an election day special, consisting of a discussion with staff writers Meena Morar and Lucas DiBlasi, who gave a little insight on their contrasting columns on whom to vote for. To find the podcast, follow Redhawks Online on Soundcloud or the Podcast app.



About Meena Morar

[email protected] Meena is the online editor and junior staff writer whose interests are in english and history studies. Meena enjoys to delve into intelligent conversations with a deeper understanding as the goal. She is also the captain of the Debate team.

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