New procedures for iPad use

BOLD changes

New guidelines and consequences for use of BOLD devices

Why: “We want this to be a place where kids can connect with each other, with adults, distraction-free and really invest in their attention and the work they do while they’re here,” said Principal Jason Wenschlag. Not only was the change made for these purposes, he says, but also to prepare students for life beyond school. “We want kids to be prepared and have an advantage when they leave here. Yet, we’re being very flexible with the ipads and we’re just saying, ‘hey be responsible users.’”

How: “Technology is a huge part of kids’ lives,” said Dean of Students Lance Johnson. “And it’s impossible for us to monitor every part of that. So it’s ‘responsible use’ that’s the important piece. But again being able to monitor some of it –we’re in a school situation where we still have to be able to control some of it– is important for us as well.”


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