Restaurant Review: Taste of Love

What does the conventional bakery bring to mind? Tiered cakes, over-filled cannolis, trays of cookies, freshly baked brownies and coats of frosting? Amongst the small businesses and coffee shops on Marshall Avenue, Samoas, Thin Mints, and Tagalongs can be found in the form of cupcakes in a bakery that differentiates itself through its creativity and redefines the conventional bakery aesthetic.

TasteofLove15 copyNot only can Girl Scout cookies be found taking on new forms in the long shining glass display case at Taste of Love, but Mapleberry Bacon Long Johns (3.50) drizzled in fruit syrup and sprinkled with bacon bits, neighbor Elvis cupcakes topped with peanut butter, sliced bananas and chocolate. Taste of Love offers varieties of cupcakes and desserts with over-the-top decorations, flavors and delicious sweets that can be found for even the strangest tastes.

TasteofLove21 copyThe thoughtfulness put into the creation of each cupcake at Taste of Love is apparent as soon as you swing open the light glass door. Each dessert is intricate in its own way making the decision process difficult despite your guarantee of a sweet, delicious treat. This may seem like no great feat for a bakery, but the niche that Taste of Love has found could fit a family of four comfortably and probably uses more room for pastries than people. However, despite the store’s small size, its welcoming and extravagant atmosphere make it feel like a place of congregation and welcome.

Although they may be only starting in their new Marshall location, Taste of Love’s refined baking and creativity give it an upper hand on convention and are sure to send other bakeries scrambling to match the innovative flavors and techniques that Taste of Love has employed in their baking.


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