Restaurant Review: Peppers & Fries

Peppers&Fries5 copyShuffling and scraping comes from the kitchen as the popping sounds and savory scents of burger grease rise and drift among the beams of sunlight dancing across the tables in the three car garage. The thin, steel garage rafters strung above the heads of customers support ten TVs displaying a number of baseball games. Scattered across the walls, baseball memorabilia can be found ranging from a full sized stadium scoreboard to old black and white photos of uniformed teams smiling for group pictures. A pair of men sporting baseball caps wave at the TV behind the bar showing a game winning run and glowing beer signs shout their neon messages. All of this can be seen through the three glass garage doors of Peppers and Fries whose spirit of baseball, burgers and burritos creates a more welcoming and modern sports bar.

In addition to its welcoPeppers&Fries3 copyming atmosphere, Peppers and Fries offers a variety of meal options to accommodate customers. Peppers and Fries specializes in perfecting the classics, and burgers and burritos are definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a satisfactory meal that will leave you full and content. The Colt (9.25) and Mushroom and Swiss (10.95) are both popular burger choices on the menu, however, the Pepper’s Classic burrito (10.95) is also a staple item on the menu. However, the Chorizo Con Huevos burrito (10.95) offers a breakfast twist with scrambled eggs and surprising savory flavors that will keep you coming back for more.

Despite the many predictable sports bar options that Peppers and Fries offers, there are also many surprises on the menu. For instance, the PB & J fries (7.95) are a unique starter that, although an unforeseen combination, taste great due to the complementary salty peanut butter and french fries paired with a sweet jelly aftertaste. In comparison, Peppers and Fries’ tater tots (5.95) are a more classic but still excellent starter. The tater tots are crisp, right out of the fryer, and served with a creamy ranch sauce and a tangy barbeque as an excellent starter for groups or someone looking to take home leftovers. 

Peppers and Fries has taken the classic sports bar and given it a modern twist with its well developed menu of classic dishes and baseball memorabilia that contrast its more innovative recipes and sleek architecture making it a great stop for a casual lunch or dinner with friends or family.


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