Large posters hanging on the windows in front of Hognander Chapel reveal the CFE groups students have been placed in and let students know where to meet with their group.

Kick start of CFE group meetings

Outside, the flecks of wintry white snow drift softly to the ground, coating the trees, tennis courts and clock tower in a thick layer of fluff. Students flock around large orange posters, then, with different destinations in mind, move off towards various areas of the school. 

Today was the first time individual CFE groups met and began to discuss their respective sites. This year, students will be involved with local sites such as Lincoln Center Elementary, Baby Space, Community Emergency Services, City Stay and more. Different CFE groups will have opportunities to interact with the elderly, young children, Hmong, Somali and Latino families and those who are dealing with food insecurity.

Students who are involved in international CFE trips will also encounter cultures completely different from their own, such as that of Ghana, England and Honduras. As CFE week, March 14-18, grows nearer and nearer, students will continue to meet in CFE groups and prepare for the cultural immersion and learning experiences to come.
Stay tuned for a feature in The Talon about how CFE runs and memorable moments from past years!


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