Chapel provides a literal interpretation of God’s influence on us

As Mr. Stromberg sculpted pot after pot on stage today in front of the school, Dr. Crafton provided a less literal interpretation of how God is a potter and we are the clay that he molds.

Stromberg’s focus on making unique pots was an example of how God must go through the intricate and delicate process of forming us as individuals and guiding us through our lives. The sculpting of the pots was projected to allow to students to watch the minute actions made in the process and to create a visual accompaniment to Crafton’s sermon.

While those pots were being sculpted, Crafton provided insight into how the aspects of creating a pot were similar to those used by God to help guide us with his gentle touch and to scrape away the excess from our lives. Crafton spoke about the centering of our lives through God just as a pot must be centered and had the sermon interspersed with music to give an auditory element to the Chapel.



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