New teachers: Aurélie Belleau, french amity

“[When I was a little girl] I wanted to be a helicopter pilot,” said Aurélie Belleau, Minnehaha’s new French amity. “No, it is not a joke,” she said, eyes crinkling with laughter, “it was real.”

Belleau, who looks forward to getting her degrees and becoming a French teacher, now has landed in Minnesota for this school year.

“My major is French and teaching French,” Belleau said. “[I wanted to be an amity] because I had to do an internship for two of my master’s degrees, and that’s why I’m here.”

Belleau has enjoyed her time in America so far, and is excited to travel more when she gets the time.

“I want to go to San Francisco and New Orleans,” she said.

Travelling and moving around is definitely something that Belleau, her two younger sisters, brother and parents are used to.

“We are moving every two or three years because my father is in the navy,” she said. “My favorite place [we lived in was] New Caledonia.”

Belleau found living off the east coast of Australia less stressful for her than France. She enjoyed windsurfing, sailing and spending time at the beach. Belleau has also lived in about 10 other places, including Toulon in the South of France, Chicoutimi (Québec) and Paris.


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