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Meyers honored for Digital Citizenship Program

The Digital Citizenship Program, developed by Sam Meyers, physics teacher and Academic Integration Specialist at Minnehaha, has won the 2015 Private and Independent Education Program Award. This award, given by the Minnesota Independent School Forum––an organization that serves independent and private high schools in Minnesota––aims to recognize programs that model exceptional service to students and the school community.

“[The Program] is a series of assemblies for students and faculty that address how to use digital resources to efficiently get information, effectively get information, how to find those resources in a responsible way, and then using them in a way to put positive messages out there,” said Meyers.

By covering topics like communication, digital footprint, security, cyberbullying, and the effective collection of data, Meyers and the Digital Citizenship Program focused on addressing issues that were the result of technology in the classroom.

“Winning the award was a great feeling,” said Meyers, “it’s good to know that all the efforts toward trying to increase the awareness of our digital presence went recognized.”

Digital citizenship is a concept that establishes the norms of responsible and appropriate technology use. Although this concept has become increasingly prominent as high schools integrate technology into the classroom, schools often fail to take steps in addressing issues that go along with the adoption of technology. “Not a lot of high schools are doing this,” said Meyers. “It is something that a lot of high schools feel is valuable but have a hard time fitting it into their schedules.”

Meyers plans to continue the development of his program, and hopes to create an a written curriculum to accompany presentations. “I’m definitely not done. There’s still of work to go for the future before it’s fully implemented.”

The Digital Citizenship Program will be recognized at the 2015 Minnesota Private and Independent Education Awards celebration April 26, held at the University of St. Thomas.


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