From teacher to rockstar, Freeman stars in The Buddy Holly Story

Starring as a young and energized fifties Rock ‘N Roller, Minnehaha theater director Nicholas Freeman headlines in the History Theatre’s production of The Buddy Holly Story. The show runs until Jan. 4.

Freeman performs 17 songs, and the audience gets involved in the five that conclude the night.

“We basically give a concert at the end of the show,” he explained with a grin. “People are standing up, applauding, and yelling and singing and dancing.”

He thrives off the musical energy in the production.

“It’s amazing,” he said. “I get to be an actor and have funny moments, romantic moments. And then I get to be a rock star.”

Due to popularity, it is the History Theater’s third running of this production in six years. Freeman first earned his role as Buddy at a benefit in which he played one of Holly’s songs.

“People seemed to really like it,” Freeman remembered.

When auditions opened up for the musical, the director called up and persuaded the Minnehaha teacher to audition for the role.

“It was all history from there,” Freeman reflected. “I’m lucky to have this role in particular. It’s kind of a role of a lifetime.”

Juniors Sam Pickerign and Grant Dosser have supported their teacher in attending the show within the few weeks that it has played.

“I can have critics from the Broadway community that [write] reviews. That doesn’t make me nervous,” Freeman said, adding with a smile, “but when students come I actually get kind of nervous.”

-Sierra Takushi


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