Taking a chance in teaching

by Emma Melling

M.A.’s new French amity, Omaima Feriani, is excited to be in Minnesota. Feriani lives in Montluçon, France with her parents and three brothers. She is staying in Minneapolis with the Katz family during her visit.

Feriani chose to be a part of the amity program to gain vital teaching experience and to help her choose between a master’s degree in teaching or tourism. “I wanted to come here to experience how teaching feels and to be sure it is what I want to do or not,” she said, adding later what she hopes that the M.A. French students can learn from her. “That there are lots of different people in France, and that stereotypes…some are true and some are not.” Feriani hopes to travel to Italy in the future and enjoys reading, shopping, going to the movies, playing basketball and singing.


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