From Colombia to Minnehaha

by Hailee Gilliand & Forrest Ahrens

Minnehaha Academy’s Spanish teachers and students are very excited to welcome the new Amity, Bonnie Gomez.“I’m excited that Bonnie is here this year,” said junior Katie Brumley. “She is very enthusiastic and provides lots of cultural expansion.” Gomez is from Bucaramanga, Colombia, where she taught English. As an Amity, she will help teach Spanish and provide students the benefit of hearing a native speaker in class.

“Most of the kids are well behaved here, and they really want to learn,” said Gomez, “so it’s easier [to teach here].” After spending a few weeks in the U.S., Gomez has decided that when she finishes the Spanish Amity program at Minnehaha she would like to get her master’s degree in Spanish. She said she would also like to teach Spanish in a country other than Colombia. Despite the many differences between Colombia and the U.S., Gomez has found the students and teachers at Minnehaha very supportive and is looking forward to the rest of the year.


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