The “off” season

By Kenny Kiratli

Kenny Kiratli ('17) attends Northwestern University.

Posted: September 22, 2014

Redhawk sports stay busy this summer in many ways

As the long, hot, summer days come to an end, a new school year begins. A new year of academics, sports and social life. But another year of school cannot just begin without preparation. Constructing athletics for the 102nd school year of Minnehaha Academy, athletes of every sport have been playing and active. Just what goes on during the summer as you are at the beach or on a vacation? Hard work.

This year will be the inaugural year for the IMAC Conference, consisting of Minnehaha, Blake, Breck, Providence, Mounds Park and St. Paul Academy. Conference games will be played against these teams, and each team may be played more than once, being that the conference only has six total teams. As Minnehaha prepares for a new year, they will be seeing these familiar faces, and many others. But just how has every team been keeping busy? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.



Redhawk Camp, a weeklong camp for all soccer players at Minnehaha, was held and attended by both the boys and girls teams. Captain’s practices and a few general practices were also held for the soccer players. “We trained twice a week basically all summer,” said senior captain Peter Webster. “In august, we started to have more practices per week. Most of the time Coach Linder was able to be there. We had a couple of scrimmages against Hope Academy, Apple Valley, Richfield and Armstrong Cooper.”



The Minnehaha varsity baseball team capped off the 2014 season in early June, but just as the varsity season ended, a new season started up. Coached by Shane Hedeed, and welcoming back two graduated players, Eamonn Manion and Ryan Evenson, the team played 31 games, finishing the summer season 15-15-1, and ended in late July.



Whether on the ice or in the weight room, the boys’ hockey team kept busy this summer. “I thought the summer practices were a good way to grow as a team and build some more chemistry together,” said junior captain, Josh Radtke. The boys had two on-ice practices and three workout days a week, with a few scrimmages thrown in the mix.



Camps, open gyms, and captain’s practices helped the volleyball team look ahead to the upcoming season. “It was a fun way to get some volleyball minutes in before tryouts and see or meet your teammates for the upcoming season,” said sophomore Abby Gillmer.  Graduating nine seniors (yes, nine!) the team will be young, but inexperience will be turned into reps, as the summer proved to be a great time to get to play as a new group.



After a successful 2013 season, the Minnehaha cross-country team spent their summer running and having practice five days a week, at 9 a.m. every Monday through Friday. “In June, we had a camp, which we rented a cabin and ran every day and played games, which was a ton of fun,” said junior Luke Frazier. “We also had two beach days where we ran in the morning and then hung out at the beach all day.”



Roger Ross, who is a certified trainer and a former Minnehaha coach, ran athletic development. Running two sessions per day, athletes focus on speed, agility, and strength four days per week. “Athletic development is run to prevent injury, and to help the athlete in every aspect in their game,” said Ross, who now runs a similar training program after school.



AD was a big part of the football team’s summer work, as they were widely represented in the workouts. “Minnehaha football was definitely the most represented sports team at AD,” said junior quarterback, Samuel Pickerign. Having a 7 on 7 passing league every Monday night, and a minicamp in June, touchdowns are not just a thing of the fall. “It’s great to play, and to put some work in,” adds Pickerign. The football team capped off the summer with captain practices and an annual trip to Lake Beauty.

And there you have it, a full summer filled with Redhawk sports! So this year, as you support your friends and classmates as they play, make sure to take a second to think about all of the hard work going on that puts the shots into the net, or the ball into end zone, or whatever makes you cheer for your Redhawk sports.

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