ISS launch delayed

International Space Station launch delayed

NASA logoThe launch for Minnehaha’s International Space Station project, initially planned for early May, has been delayed until at least July 10 because of some errors with the last rocket launch, causing some problems for the class.

“It’s frustrating, especially for the seniors,” said senior Poppy Anema in May, “because we expected to have data, and our project would be much more interesting for us if we had data to analyze and make a comparison with between the two modules we have.”

Anema said that it would be hard for seniors to come back during the summer to work on the project, since a lot of them have summer jobs and are getting ready for college. Most likely what will happen is that next year’s ISS class will analyze the data.

“I think that it’ll be a project at the beginning of next year for those students,” said Anema. “We’ll give them instructions so it won’t be such a burden, but it will be a good exercise for them.”

Even though the launch has been delayed and she won’t get to analyze the data, Anema is still grateful for the experience. “We’re so lucky to have this opportunity,” she said, “we’ll take what we can get.”

More information about NASA’s launch schedule can be found here. Also, NASA has posted details about last year’s project.




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