Erik Hadlund

Erik Hadlund photographed by Chris Schold.
Erik Hadlund photographed by Chris Schold.

Science teacher, coach leaving to pursue PhD

“The decision to leave Minnehaha was definitely a tough one,” said science teacher Erik Hadland. “I have terrific students, incredible co-workers, and I love coaching track and cross country.” These are just a few of the factors Hadland had to take into account when making his decision. “If I had to say there was one thing I’ll miss most though, it would be that feeling of seeing something really ‘click’ for a student.”

After leaving Minnehaha this year, Hadland will be attending the University of Oregon to work towards his PhD in Chemistry. He will be researching inorganic chemistry. “I’m not entirely sure what that will lead into once I’m done with grad school, but there are a couple of options that are interesting to me,” said Hadland. He has expressed interest in working for a science company such as 3M, Dupont, Dow Chemical, or General Electric, and maybe even working as a college professor teaching chemistry. But whatever occupation Hadland decides to pursue, Minnehaha wishes him the best in his future.


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