Troselius announces retirement

South Campus librarian has overseen many changes in media, technology

After working 36 years at Minnehaha Academy, Renee Troselius, South Campus librarian, is retiring.

“I started at the North Campus in 1977,” Troselius said, “and I worked there for five years and then they decided to open [the South Campus] and I’ve never looked back, I’ve loved it.”

Renee Troselius photographed in Minnehaha's South Campus library by Susan Besser.
Renee Troselius photographed in Minnehaha’s South Campus library by Susan Besser.

Over the years, countless memories have piled up and one of Troselius’ favorites is the fact that things have evolved over the years. “I started out buying 16 millimeter film projectors, and now I’m buying iPads,” Troselius said.

South Campus assistant librarian Susan Besser has been working with Troselius for 11 years and said that things will definitely be different with her gone.

“After all the years that [Troselius] has been here, she has the

library down to a well oiled machine,” Besser said. “She knows not only what’s in the collection backwards and forwards, but she knows exactly how to teach all of her classes well. She makes it look so easy, and I’m smart enough to know that it’s not. I have no doubt that it’ll be little bumpy with her gone.”

The staff in the library has not yet been decided for next year, but new developments will be told soon.

What will Troselius do with her time off? She said she spend more time with books written for adult readers, “because I don’t get to do that very often. I’ve got a stack of magazines waiting for me and I’m going to find some good volunteer opportunities.”


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