Get active to improve academics

Physical activity: from the gym to the classroom

Some may think that physical activity is just something to keep you fit and to stay in shape. Some may think that it’s boring and that it’s not worth their time. Some might think that physical activity is a waste of energy and that people do too much of it. Too much physical activity, such as running, can cause your body to shut down.

But what few realize is the impact it has on classroom learning. A government review of research shows that kids who take breaks from their class work to be physically active during the school day are often better able to concentrate on their schoolwork and do better on standardized tests. The government’s physical activity guidelines recommend that students do an hour or more of moderate-intensity to vigorous activity a day.

“I think that about 60 percent to three-quarters of us [as a student body] are meeting the daily goal of 60 minutes of physical activity a day,” said Mike DiNardo, the vice principal of Minnehaha Academy.

Students notice the impact that exercise has.

“I think it’s really important because if you aren’t physically active, your whole body health isn’t well overall and that includes your brain,” said junior said Hayoung Lim. “Not being physically active is associated with laziness and inactivity. I also think you wouldn’t work as hard not just in gym or sports but also in a class and you would feel more tired.”


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