The anatomy of a winning team

Gold, silver and bronze are often the prize metals in competition, but at the CIS (College in the Schools) Anatomy and Physiology Kiosk Presentations at the University of Minnesota, the prizes are precious bones. The three coveted bones are the Golden Femur, Silver Scapula, and the Bronze Ulna. Contrary to popular speculation, though, the bones are not real.

On April 30, a team consisting of seniors Suzie Bexell and Francine Ravell,  and juniors Jess Von Arx, Pauline Ojambo and Tianna Briese, were awarded the Bronze Ulna for their presentation on Type ll diabetes and atherosclerosis. The girls came in third, competing against 30 other teams, three of which consisted of their fellow classmates.

“We only won because we were charismatic and funny,” said Ojambo, laughing.

Von Arx was also surprised at the third place win.

“I wasn’t expecting to come up on top,”  said Von Arx.


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