Girls’ lunch Bible study

Every week on Friday a girls’ Bible study is held during lunch. All girls, freshmen to seniors, can attend the Bible study which is led by math teacher Ms. Gosselin.

The Bible study began five years ago when a couple of Gosselin’s students asked to sit in her room during lunch so they could read their Bibles. The students asked Gosselin if she would like to read with them. Over the next few weeks the girls began inviting their friends to what would become Girls’ lunch Bible study.

“I love spending time with students doing things that are really important, like reading the Bible,” said Gosselin. “I love math and academic things but seeing kids walk with the Lord is the most important thing.”

During Bible study the group reads from the Bible together and then talks about what it means and how it applies to their life. Not only is the Bible study a place to grow closer to God, but also somewhere to meet new people. The group is very encouraging and welcoming to new members.

“I hope that more girls keep coming and that they learn how to read the Bible for themselves and love reading it,” said Gosselin. “And that they grow closer to Christ and make a difference in their world.”


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