Juniors and seniors carry on the tradition of Nerf wars

“Hey, are we going nerfing tonight?” “We should ambush him tonight!” Things like these are being said around school between juniors and seniors. They are carrying on the tradition of nerf wars.

Every year in the spring the upperclassmen at Minnehaha create teams with up to ten people on them to compete. These teams challenge each other for a week trying to ‘kill’ the other team member by hitting them with a nerf bullet.  At the end of the week whichever team has the most ‘kills’ moves onto the next round.

There are 12 teams competing against each other this year. They monitor who has been been ‘killed’ by a Facebook group. When someone has been ‘killed’ by a nerf bullet it is reported to the Facebook group so everyone knows. The rules are also listed on the Facebook group. One rule is that nerf guns are not allowed on school grounds so it is a ‘safe zone’, including parking lots.

The first week of nerf wars at Minnehaha has ended and this week new teams will compete against each other.


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