Redefining marriage

The marriage debate in Minnesota continues. Riding the success of the last election, in which voters defeated a proposed constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage, gay-rights supporters are pushing to legalize gay marriage in Minnesota. Yesterday, March 12, Minnesotans came to testify before the state Legislature to explain their support for or opposition to  the bill.

The bill, which would legalize gay marriage, has passed two committees and is now headed to the full House and Senate. In a recent poll, 53% of Minnesotans voted that they would not support the bill, while 38% said they would.

Katie Wulf, who married her wife 30 years ago in Canada, said she doesn’t want marriage to be redefined, she simply wants to take part in it.

“Marriage is important. It provides stability in our communities; it sets an example of long-term faithful commitment,” Wulf told the StarTribune. “Recognizing our marriage, allowing other couples like us to marry, doesn’t redefine marriage, it honors the tradition of marriage.”


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