Minnehaha skiers raced in the state meet

Posted: March 11, 2013

Four Minnehaha skiers went to state after the 2012-13 season. Sophomore alpine skier Maddy Webster raced in the state meet on Feb. 13. Webster went to state as an eighth-grader with the team and individually her freshman and sophomore year. In her first run this year she fell and had walk back up to the gate she fell at and finish the run.

“This made me very angry,” said Webster. “I gathered my anger up and put in towards the next run. I had a much better second run being 15th fastest on the hill. I was happy to end the season on a high.”

Senior Nordic skier Luke Brown won the section meet Jan. 29 to qualify for the state meet held on February 14 where he placed fourth. Brown also went his sophomore and junior year.

“I am pleased with the result and am thankful to God for blessing me with solid races,” said Brown. “I was in 6th after the morning skate race and was hoping to move up in the second race. In the afternoon classic race I had great kick and my muscles felt pretty good, so I was able to move up a couple of spots.”

Brown also qualified for the Midwest Junior Nation Nordic Ski team and competes at Junior Nationals in Fairbanks, Alaska this week.

Sophomore Nordic Skier Griffin Snow qualified for state this year for the first time.

“I ended up in 84th, which is right around where I wanted to be,” said Snow. “I can’t be disappointed with that placement, but my first race could have been better. That leaves me really excited to go back next year and try to better my placement as much as possible.”

Snow is excited to see what next season has to offer as the team works over the summer to improve.

It was freshman Nordic skier Elsa Ubel’s first time at state as well. She placed 73 out of 1205.

“I was slightly nervous before my first race, because the course was really hilly and I knew it was going to hurt,” said Ubel. “But I wasn’t nervous about placing because I was nowhere near the top, so it wasn’t worth worrying about”

Ubel is looking forward to having three more years to improve.

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