Scholastic book fair comes to the Upper School

Helping the library in a creative way

Minnehaha Academy Upper School held a book fair Dec. 3 to 7 to raise money for the library.
The book fair was held through Scholastic Books, who also do the book fair at the South Campus, and books were sold before, during and after school, as well as before the lower school Christmas concert in the art gallery.
“South Campus has been so successful and when I learned that Scholastic was starting to have fairs for high school,” said Bonnie Morris, upper school librarian. “It seemed worth a try.”
Students ran the cash register, and when the sale was over the Friends of the Library was able to choose $500 worth of Scholastic books.
“We will get them processed and out following break,” said Morris. “Watch for some new exciting titles, coming soon.”

The school held a book fair at Barnes & Noble the previous four years.


Frances Hoekstra contributed to this report.



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