Students win awards at state convention

Minnehaha journalism students are awarded for their achievements at the state journalism convention

Minnehaha journalism students on the Talon staff, the Antler staff and in the beginning journalism class attended the Minnesota State Journalism Convention at the University of Minnesota on Oct. 9 along with 500 other students from schools across the state. They enjoyed listening to talks about various issues and strategies in journalism, finishing with the grand finale keynote speaker: Bobby Hawthorne, author of The Radical Write.
After the convention awards were given out by the Minnesota State High School Press Association (MHSPA) and Journalism Educators of Minnesota for print and online publications to schools across the state.
The 2011-2012 volume of the Talon, the 2011-2012 volume of the Antler and the website won All-State silver awards.
At the convention, the “best in show” category was reserved specifically for schools that attended the convention that day; these awards were judged on-site. In this category, the 2011-2012 Talon and the 2011-2012 Antler won sixth place and won second place.
Apart from the awards given to the publications as a whole, individual awards for writing, photography and layout in the 2011-2012 publications were presented as well.
For the Antler: Gabbi Stienstra (‘12) won first place for yearbook theme/concept package and an honorable mention for yearbook spread design: Rachel Worthman (‘12) won first place for yearbook sports photo: Katie Chamberlain won second place for yearbook spread design and Nicole Nipper won first place for yearbook academic/clubs copy writing.
For the Talon: Frances Hoekstra won first place for newspaper editorial/opinion column: Brigid Kelly (‘12) won an honorable mention for newspaper editorial/opinion column: Anna Scholl won third place for newspaper review: Jeffrey Riley (‘12) won third place for newspaper single-page design: Wilson Kozel (‘12) won an honorable mention for newspaper single-page design and Mina Benner won first place for newspaper sports photo.

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