Girls welcome youth

Hopes for state are optimistic for the girls cross country team

The Redhawk girls finished second place in two out of their four meets so far. On Sept.18 at the Lake City meet the girls received first place.

Captain and senior Casey Haffield is working hard to motivate the girls. “This season we’re trying really hard to make it to state as a team,” said Haffield. “We’ve had this as a goal in past years, but because of how close we were last year, it seems like we have a whole new level of drive to get to state. It won’t be easy though. It’ll take a lot of hard work from everyone because ideally everyone will push everyone else making us all better on the whole.”

Haffield is also excited to welcome new girls onto the team.

“There are a lot of new, young girls, and I really hope that they can get as much out of the cross country program as I have. I started in sixth grade and I’ve grown to view the team as a second family, and I just really want other girls to feel that way, too.”


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