New season, new coach

Posted: September 21, 2012

Out of 48, Quinn is top pick for MA football

This year Minnehaha welcomes Collin Quinn to its family as head football coach of the varsity team. 

“Coach Quinn’s resume stood out,” Athletic Director Homar Ramirez said. “In the interview process he was able to articulate both the failures and successes that he’s had and the way he’s grown from both.” 

Quinn was chosen from a pool of 48 applicants for the new coaching position. 

“We took the list of 48 and paired it down four different times to get to the list of six candidates,” Ramirez explained. 

Player reaction to the new coach seems positive. 

“We’re able to connect with him in a way we haven’t been able to connect with any previous coaches,” senior football captain Alec Chamberlain said. “Because of this we’re more motivated to play the best we can.”


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