Athletic department welcomes new trainer

Tria therapist Abadeer to take place of VanderWerf

New trainer Sonya Abadeer has come to fill the void left by Rebecca VanderWerf, who accepted a new job in August at Summit Orthopedics.

“Sonya is an employee of Tria, and when Becca was leaving us,” said Athletic Director Homar Ramirez, “one of the things that we started to investigate was a relationship with an outside organization that could meet our needs for physical training and therapy.”

Abadeer is an employee of Tria Orthepedics. She is contracted to work at Minnehaha after school during scheduled sports practices and events, working to help injured athletes heal and return to their sport. She will fill the same role VanderWerf once filled.

Abadeer received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point and her master’s from Florida International University.



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