What’s in your closet this summer?

Posted: July 11, 2012

Be fashionable, and stay classy, over summer break

Senior Olivia Dorow-Hovland models a floral sundress with a boat-neck and flip-flops. A dress with a pretty floral print and a waist-accenting bow is a perfect option for this summer. Photo by Meara Cummings.

7 for All Mankind Jeans, glitter glam makeovers, new and chic clothes all available in different places than you might think. Around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, there are a lot of cool little boutiques that you might have seen but never gone into. What are you waiting for? They have some amazing stuff. Some carry stock from well-known brands, and some have their very own collections. For summer they are showing the same kind of styles that are being displayed in more popular stores, but these stores may be closer and have very unique merchandise that sticks to some familiar styles that you might know of. Covered, The Fun Sisters, Cliché, Karma Boutique, and Picky Girl are just a few stores that are stocked for summer, and are displaying lots of trends that are cute, affordable and modest.

When looking for new, modest and nifty trends look into finding cool shirts with backs that are cut differently like bow shapes or knots. Also a very popular style to try for summer is the maxi dress. Fashion designers have figured out how to make something cool enough for hot summer days, casual enough for a barbeque and dressy enough for a wedding. And it’s easy to alter to make it fit the perfect occasion. You can make it look like a new dress every time without hurting your wallet because it’s very easy to accessorize. If you like the look of a maxi dress, the dresses and skirts that go from short in the front to low in the back (also know as high-low dresses) are another great look to try.

Another new thing this summer is the romper. When you carefully choose the right one it is such a great staple to your closet. Just know that all rompers are not created equal. Make sure the pattern is flattering (horizontal stripes can be a little risky for some body types), that the shorts are long enough, and that you feel awesome when you’re wearing it. This goes for everything you buy. Always know that you will wear what you buy and will be comfortable in it.

Sophomore Dominique Hlavac models a simple sundress that is cut modestly and flatters her figure. Well-cut dresses are a must for your wardrobe this summer. Photo by Meara Cummings.

From summer to summer, one trend will never get old or go out of style. That trend is floral, which now can be found not only on dresses but also on shorts and even oxford shoes. Also looking at prints lots of stores are showing nautical stripes and tribal inspired prints.

As for cosmetics, there are a lot of clean and light makeup options, as well as fresh pastel colors for the perfect manicure/pedicure. There are so many new things to try and only three months of summer to do it!

As summer fun approaches one thing to think about fashion-wise is modesty. Even though there will be no dress code or teachers to tell you that your outfit isn’t appropriate, you can and should still be modest.

“I think people should just look respectable,” said freshman Elizabeth Chun.

Senior Terry Fors agrees, “Being modest doesn’t mean wearing a nun’s habit. You can still look cute without wearing short shorts and a skimpy shirt.”

Their advice to you?

“Find shorts that flatter [your figure] without being too short,” suggested Fors. “My go-to pair consists of a mid-thigh, light pink pair of shorts that cuff at the bottom.

Chun suggests trying long skirts or dresses and boat neck shirts that go all the way up to the neck. In other words, her advice would be to flatter yourself without showing too much.

Sophomore Frances Hoekstra models a nautical-themed dress with a pair of Sperry boat shoes. Nautical outfits are a big trend this summer, and boat shoes are becoming more and more popular to pair with just about anything in your closet. Photo by Meara Cummings.

“Bright” is how Fors describes style this summer. “Summer is a time to try bold prints and colors. Personally I’m into bright pink and orange.”

Junior Manda TenHoor agrees, but “colorful” is how she would describe this summer’s style. Chun thinks “fresh or effortless.” So keep those comments from your peers in mind when shopping for new trends.

On a more serious note, why do people wear what they wear? What makes a trend? If you get dress coded and say, ‘How am I supposed to keep up with the fashion without wearing this? Everyone is wearing it!’ Think about it. Who tells you what the trends are and how to wear them? It should be you deciding what you wear but sometimes other people are influencing you. A lot of time on TV shows and in movies they show girls wearing inappropriate clothing and you may feel obligated to wear that too. But who decided to put together your outfit before you left for school today? I think you know the answer. It all goes back to the question, why do people wear

what they wear? Why do people dress modestly?

I know I’m throwing a lot of questions at you but if you really thing about it, why DO people dress modestly? Dressing modestly does not mean that you are uncomfortable with your body or trying to hide yourself. Some girls have been taught that modesty is more beautiful than flaunting all you’ve got. If you flatter yourself without showing too much you can still stay in style. Boho, edgy, preppy, girly, relaxed or whatever you’re going for, I’m sure if you look you can find styles that are modest, stylish and fit your personal style. Take the challenge to stay classy, not trashy, this summer.

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