Music department must fill big shoes

Fine arts administrative assistant Terri Wade retires after six years at MA

Fine arts administrative assistant and music accompanist Terri Wade is leaving Minnehaha this year after six years of hard work.

Terri Wade, fine arts department assistant

“Every day she brings something to this place that is above and beyond her job,” said band and orchestra teacher Diane Hallberg. “She does a lot of behind the scenes work in the theater department.” Wade’s job included financial work and ordering materials.

Wade started volunteering as an accompanist at Minnehaha in the fall of 2000 and was hired as the fine arts administrative assistant in the fall of 2005. Some of her most memorable moments were going on the band and choir tours.

“We’ve been all over,” said Wade. “Sweden, Norway, London, California, Chicago, and New York.”

“I remember when we took the kids to New York last year the most,” said choir teacher Karen Lutgen. “I got to see how much the students enjoyed her accompanying and being with her. They call her ‘Mama Wade’.”

Both Lutgen and Hallberg agreed that she is always there for the kids.

“She supports the kids as whole people, she wasn’t just there to play for their concerts,” said Lutgen.

“Whether rehearsing a contest piece, preparing for the Music Listening Contest or organizing the Madrigal Dinner and other events or fundraisers for the New York trip last year, Mrs. Wade has shown great patience and support and dedication,” said junior Kari Myers-Busch, who is heavily involved with the arts. “I’ve found that I can go to her for help, and though she has so much to do, she is always able to assist without losing cheerfulness. I could count on her to listen to me and to give good advice.”

Students and teachers agree that Minnehaha will now have to find someone else to fill this big pair of shoes.



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