Diverse Music to Twin Cities

Posted: December 7, 2011

New albums bring new shows to the cities

Alenka Výbohová, Talon staff writer

British alternative indie rock is coming to the US. The Kooks, with their new album Junk of the Heart, released in September, didn’t disappoint. The new electronic feature is used more than in any of their other albums.       They still did not lose their “guitar-like” tag. Despite the fact that older albums had much more memorable hits, Junk of the Heart has higher overall quality.

In a concert, a bunch of screaming teenage-girl fans take up the first few rows. To have a good experience, I recommend staying somewhere in the middle, so you can see what is happening on the stage, and stay out of the crazy mob. Nevertheless, The Kooks are worth seeing live.


What happens when an MC and a producer meet? It’s usually good, it brings more criticism into their music and many more ideas and useful skills from both sides. What happens when they use sounds from The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers or Beirut?

One could say, nothing good, nothing new, or just some lame bunch of songs. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis turned this stereotype upside down and created a decent seven-song EP (The VS. EP), of hip-hop music combined with sounds of notoriously known songs.

This show will be ideal for those who want to dance at the concert, enjoy stable beats and experience a real show.


Balkan music performed by Americans is always amazing. Trumpet, ukulele, percussions, accordion, drums, bass and much more, all in one band. However, their new album The Rip Tide is no big surprise.

Even though Beirut used some electronic elements in this album, which is quite a new thing, the attitude of the songs is no different; It’s calm, relaxing and peaceful.

Even though the album isn’t any better than the old ones, it is worth it to see Beirut’s show. The atmosphere is very harmonious and friendly. Be sure to expect a more calm collegic crowd, for the band doesn’t accompany mad and raucous crowds.

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