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SAT Scandal

Kate Brown, Talon Staff Writer

The security for the SAT test will be increased nationwide due to seven students in Farmingdale, NY being accused of cheating. Former F.B.I. director, Louis J. Freeh, will be brought in to review the security procedures for the SAT. The College Board is also considering identification requirement changes and digital photos.

Charges were filed on 19-year-old Samuel Eshaghoff on Sept 27 in Nassau County for supposedly getting paid by six students who go to or went to Great Neck North High School to take the SAT for them. Bernard Kaplan, principal of Great Neck North, testified at the hearing saying that the “ETS (Educational Testing Service) has made it very easy to cheat, very difficult to get caught.”

Greater consequences are also being considered. Right now, if a student is caught cheating or suspected of cheating, their test scores are canceled and they can retake the test without their high school or future college being notified.

Officials are considering tougher punishments or requiring people to take the test in their own district to help prevent cheating.


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