Dear Finder opens eyes

Meaningful and moving play pays off

By Emma Tyler, Talon staff writer

As the lights dimmed and the actors filed on the stage at the performances of Dear Finder at Minnehaha Academy some audience members did not know what they were getting into.

Freshman Kevin Dustrude described the play as “powerful” and “moving”. Freshman Olivia Barr called it “intense”.

At first director Nicholas Freeman thought it would be impossible, but “God kept giving me signs,” he said, and he realized that this was the right choice for the play this year.

For Freeman it was already a difficult show for him to direct because it is an ensemble show, but also because this show had the potential to be offensive and hard to watch. “You can’t shy away from what really happened,” said Freeman.

For many of the actors it was very different than  other shows that have been in. For senior Madison Cowmeadow, the biggest difference was that “ becoming your character is impossible. It has made me realize how influential acting can be. I have grown as a person and an actor, and I’m thankful.”

“It was very well done” said senior Nessie Toye. “It was a difficult task to do, but they succeeded.”


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