Students to release CD

MA music group has hopes for summer CD

Jeffrey Riley
Talon Staff Writer

Over the summer, many seniors will be focusing on the transition from high school to college, making memories in the process as they scatter across the nation. But seniors Stig Benson and Fiona Cummings have an additional focus: continuing their process of performing under the title of City Skylines, and, hopefully, producing a CD.

City Skylines came about when Cummings and Benson realized their musical compatibility at church as Benson started playing on the piano and Cummings sang along. The following practice sessions were fairly unstructured. They spent some time fiddling and experimenting with equipment in Cumming’s basement, but the group has taken shape with a respectable resume for high school artists such as a performance at well-known St. Paul venue at Station 4 and a single on iTunes.

City Skylines has some experience under their belt after performing at Station 4, a well-known venue in downtown St. Paul, although this experience wasn’t exactly welcomed at the time. “It was a little nerve wracking at the time because there were posters for bands named ‘Rotting Christ,’” Cummings said. “I was just asking myself ‘What the heck have we gotten ourselves into?’”

The night continued to be a performer’s nightmare as Benson began setting up his keyboard, he bumpled the tuning knob in the process, making City Skylines performance a memorable, yet not necessarily optimal performance.

Maintaining a musical group during the rigorous academic process or senior year, among AP tests, college applications and regular everyday homework, is a challenge. “School and sports are more of a priority for me than [City Skylines] is,” Cummings stated. “I’ll have more time to work on the music during the summer.”

City Skylines is making headway on their album with nearly four songs completed, expected to be released this summer. It is possible to listen to the group’s earlier work and singles “Live up the Lie” and “Winter Winds” on iTunes and YouTube.



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