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Good real food: The Birchwood Cafe

Unique twists on good food create a one of a kind experience

by Cristina Anfang
Talon staff writer

I’m what they call a picky eater. I say “no thank you” to any food containing mayo, beans, or cream cheese. Anything that swims, has sour cream, or has a weird name is not something I would normally eat.  So I was a little concerned when I first saw the menu at Birchwood Café. Parsnip & Pear Sandwich? Duck Breast Benedict? Wasn’t really what I was comfortable with. But as soon as I took my first bite of the Pesto Chicken Sandwich, I knew I’d be back.

No matter what you decide on, no matter what time of day, you’re always in for something delicious. This vegetarian friendly restaurant, hidden in a neighborhood just a few blocks from school, is dedicated to “[selecting] only the freshest quality ingredients available,” said the restaurant’s website. All the food is organic, fair trade, and comes from local farmers. The restaurant is always noisy and crowded, but during the warmer months has plenty of comfortable seating outside.

Breakfast is one of my favorites at Birchwood. Scrambled eggs, waffles, and homemade granola are just a few top picks. Birchwood has a special brunch every Sunday, a staple in the community.

Trust me; always leave room for dessert. They always have fantastic baked treats  – key lime pie, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream from Izzy’s Ice Cream in St. Paul. One of my favorites is the homemade ice cream sandwich.

I still won’t touch the Trout pizza, but if you want to try something out of your norm, Birchwood will not disappoint.


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