Athletic Director gets new position

After 24 years of teaching here at the North Campus, Ron Monson has a new job that has made him the Director of Athletic Advancement, based at the South Campus.

The new job allows Monson to, “Harness my passion for MA and our awesome programs.” This job is a new position at Minnehaha and, “The job description is still unfolding, but the goals are in three broad areas,” said Monson.

Those areas are aimed to help support Minnehaha capitol need efforts, enhance the profile of Minnehaha Athletics and to establish professional development for Minnehaha coaching staffs.
Monson sees immediate benefits from the work that he has done, including adding new equipment to the new south campus weight room.

Also a 20 percent rebate offer from Davanni’s, which means if an MA student eats there, then 20% goes back to the Athletic department.

However Monson still is the Middle School Athletic Director, which he says, still requires about 60% of his work at MA. He is happy with the transition, which he called, “A slight change from teaching” and he looks forward to benefiting Minnehaha Athletics for the years to come.

– by Andrew Graham

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